About Vakeel ka Number

  • PERSONAL LIBERTY AND PROPERTY: Apart from other important things, two things have always been precious to every human life, one, his personal liberty; and two, his properties, movables (including money) and immovables, which sustain his life. In modern times, our personal liberty and properties are sought to be secured through codified laws and the scheme of Justice is introduced to secure that liberty and properties. The whole scheme of Justice, in its most common acceptation implies the giving every man, his dues.

  • Introduction of codified laws is the basic offshoot of a democracy. The conception of democracy is a sentiment which desires the well being of all. The laws were made so that the stronger might not have their way at their choices, but according to law.

  • Law confers rights and imposes obligations; and when these rights are infringed and obligations are overlooked, cause for legal action arises.

  • In our legal system, there is a legal term most oftenly used, that is, “cause of action”; and whereas to secure judgment in his favour, the claimant is obliged to prove certain “bundle of facts”; or in other words, these bundle of facts are those peculiar set of facts, which if, is proved to exist, by the claimant, then, those limited set of facts are sufficient for him to claim judgment in his favour.

  • The claimant need not prove all the assertions disputed by the adversary or even made by him. He is obliged to prove only those limited facts which is germane to the issue at hand, and which is relevant and germane to the reliefs he is claiming or praying from the court of law.

  • And therefore, the claimant, having regard to the nature of reliefs he is claiming or praying for, must know the “factual inputs” he must prove, to claim judgment in his favour; and at the same time, the adversary, so as to cause rejection of the reliefs claimed for, may also show to the Court that essential “factual inputs”, have not been proved by the claimant.

  • PURPOSE OF VAKEEL KA NUMBER:Vakeel Ka Number is designed in the backdrop of the aforesaid principle, with the further aim to simplify and facilitate the deliverance of Justice; and to spread legal literacy among the people of India.

  • It is kind of a Legal Referencer wherein the pressing and common issues of our society have been identified, with all probable legal remedies which may be pursued, are suggested therein.

  • It is also a first of its kind, a model, wherein the Users may first identify their “Nature of grievance”, followed by selection of legal remedy, followed by filling up of a “Form”, which would then be converted into a formal Legal proceeding. And, the User is ready with the draft of the Legal proceeding which he / she intend to file in the Court of law. As a pilot project, Civil Suits, including Summary Suits and Writ proceedings are designed in the aforesaid fashion, and for rest of the Legal proceedings, concerned Legal template would be furnished to the User.

  • THE DUE DILIGENCE FOR PLEADINGS: Among other things, the most unique thing about the contents herein is, for every kind of Legal proceeding, the Relief claimed, the grounds for such Reliefs, the requisite averments, all which are typical to the said Legal proceeding, are conceptualized and averred in the draft Form / Template. This is further explained in "Why Vakeel Ka Number" and "How it works".

  • THE LEGAL LITERACY: Better knowledge of law is our weapon to protect our own person and property. Legal Infancy is akin to walking bare foot on a path scattered with broken glasses. We are completely unaware of the danger in not knowing the basic law of the land on which we dwell. Therefore, there is a pressing need to grow from this infancy. Many say Law is a dead letter word. However, it comes alive with the heat of one’s action.

  • Make a judicious use of the resource.

  • Sandeep Jalan