Nature of grievance

Where the actions of the administrative / statutory authorities, Govt. is patently contrary to law, Writ proceedings may be initiated challenging such actions contrary to law. The actions contrary to law may also include – (a) where the Govt. / Administrative / Statutory authorities exercises powers with ulterior motives, or misuse / abuse the discretionary powers conferred upon them by the statute, or act without complying with the requirements of law; (b) where administrative authority exercising powers or whilst passing Order had no jurisdiction / authority to entertain the subject matter of the case; (c) where the administrative / statutory authority whilst discharging judicial or quasi judicial function, have passed an Order without following the procedure / or in breach of the procedure established under the law; (d) The actions contrary to law, or actions in disregard of procedures established under the law, may amounts to deprivation in affording opportunity of hearing contemplated under the law, resulting in frustration of most cherished principles of natural justice