Nature of grievance

Where arrest is effected not in accordance with law and in breach of guidelines issued by Apex Court in the case of Joginder Kumar (1994) and Arnesh Kumar (2014), the arrested person or his relative / friend may record a Letter to the concerned Police station, stating therein about the position of law as regards to restrictions in powers of arrests, and that the Police officer effecting arrest is not following the mandate of law as set out in sections 157(1), 41(1)(b)(i)(ii), 41(2), 41A r/w section 60-A of CrPC, 1973) and also knowingly disregarding the guidelines framed by SC in the case of Joginder Kumar versus State of U.P., 1994 and Arnesh Kumar case, for effecting arrests, and thereby advising the Police to release the arrested person forthwith. Also, it is within the powers of Police u/s 169 r/w 59 or section 437(2) of CrPC, 1973, to release the person who is arrested, on the execution of Bail Bond by the said person