Nature of grievance

FIR (First Information Report) may be registered at the nearest Police station, where the offence is alleged to have been committed; or where the victim of offence, is residing or carries on business. FIR may be registered orally to the concerned Police officer in the Police station, or complaint may be made in writing, which is then reduced to writing in the form of FIR. The concerned Police officer, after recording the FIR in the prescribed form, will explain the contents of the said FIR, and the complainant than has to sign over in the said recorded FIR. The Police are obliged to give copy of FIR to the complainant. It may be noted that FIR may even be registered by a person who may be alleged to have committed a crime. Like for an example, the driver of the car, who has caused the accident, may register an FIR.

If Police officer concerned (SHO), refuses to Register complaint / FIR, than by virtue of section 154(3), a written Complaint may be send by Post to the Superintendent of Police or the Commissioner of Police (in Metropolitan areas). If Superintendent of Police or the Commissioner of Police (in Metropolitan areas) is satisfied that the Complaint discloses cognizable offence, he may himself investigate the case or cause the investigation of the case by any Police officer subordinate to him