Nature of grievance

Acts and omissions of a person may result in frustration of rights of another person and may entitle that another person to adopt appropriate legal proceedings against the first referred person. The law furnishes broadly two remedies, i.e. Civil remedy and Criminal remedy. Like for example, the act of uttering defamatory words against a person may occasion a civil suit for damages, or, a criminal prosecution u/s 499, 500 of IPC, 1860. Similarly, a business transaction involving performance of reciprocal promises, may have attributes of cheating, or may be simply a case of failure in the performance of promise, without having any intention to cheat. However, there are certain acts which are made penal, such as the theft, grievous hurt etc. The aggrieved person, in appropriate cases, may register a complaint before Police to investigate the case and prosecute the person charged with the commission of an offence