Nature of grievance

There are some offences being defined under IPC for knowingly making false complaints before Police or before any other Public Authority or in the Court of law. Depending upon the nature of acts and omissions attributed and alleged against the person, the applicable section may be invoked against him.

Sr. No.



IPC Section 181 for knowingly making false statement on oath before any Public Servant.


IPC Section 182 for knowingly giving false information to Public Servant to cause injury to the person against whom false information is given.


IPC Section 211 for knowingly making a false charge of offence with intent to injure the said person.

If the person Accused is apparently not directly involved in the alleged offence, but has caused the occurrence of the offence by way of indirect participation in the crime or otherwise, the criminal liability may be fastened upon such persons on the basis of sharing the “common intention” as suggested and defined u/s 34 of IPC; or by way of “abetment” as suggested and defined u/ss 107 to 116 of IPC; or by way of “criminal conspiracy” as suggested and defined u/s 120A of IPC, 1860. Read further at links below.